How to Draw a Sky: Children of the Light Character

Sky is an interactive multiplayer game in which you are a Sky Child with wings. You can fly, collect candles and hearts, and chat with your friends! You can do friend expressions like, hugging, high fives, and even piggyback! There are seven realms to explore, each with their own spirits to collect. Spirits give you expressions like wave, laughing, and hide and seek! From each spirit you can buy new capes, masks, outfits, and even playable instruments! Don’t worry about getting bored in Sky either, because every few months, a new season starts! Every season, a band of six new sprits comes to the realms of Sky! These spirits have new cosmetics, expressions, and blessings to collect! Some seasons even add new areas to the realms!

A Sky: Children of the Light Character is a descendant, or spirit, that can fly. They wear masks with glowing eyes, flowing cloth capes that give them the ability to fly, and instruments on their backs.

You can see the time-lapse here!

Step one: Draw a circle

Step two: Draw two lines slanting down from the circle 

Step three: Connect those lines with a curved line

Step four: Draw two circles on the big circle for the eye holes in the mask

Step five: Add hair, any kind!


Step six: Draw mask designs!


Step seven: Add mismatched squares forming the bottom of the cape

Step eight (Optional): Draw two squares beneath the cape for pants

Step nine: Draw points for the feet

Step ten: Next to the squares add points for the hands

Step eleven: Add a line down the middle of the cape for the separation in the fabric

Step twelve: Add your back item