How to Draw a Two-Tailed Kitsune

A kitsune is a Magical fox with multiple tails. They appear in Japanese folklore and are known to be very wise.

  1.  Gather your materials

2. Draw a circle in the bottom right corner of your paper

3. Add a line of motion

4. Draw a triangle of the front of the circle to form a basic face

5. Erase the point of the triangle

6. Make the top line of the nose curve slightly upwards

7. Make a line for the end of the nose, and connect it with the bottom line

8. Add a line coming from the head and following the line of motion until the halfpoint (doesn’t have to be exact)

 9. Add a small line coming from the base of the head

10. Add two skeleton lines for the basic leg shape

11. Make the legs and add a line coming from the back of the left leg

12. Make the line come around and connect to the first body line we made

13. Add two lines where the ears will be

14. Add curves coming from the points of the lines you just made

15. Add two faint lines where the tails will be

16. Make the shape of the tails around the faint lines you made

17. Add zig-zag lines at the top of both tails

18. Draw eyes and zig-zags on the front paws

19. (OPTIONAL) Grab some colored pencils

20. Use whatever color you’d like to color in the zig-zag shapes and other things!