How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower with Lava Beads for Essential Oils

Step one: Get your materials, you will need

5-7 tissue paper circles, about the size of the palm of your hand

One pipe cleaner

2 or 3 beads

One lava bead

Step two: Stack the paper circles from biggest to smallest, with the smallest on the top.

Step three: Push the pipe cleaner through the center of the stack and tie off the top with a loop or a lava bead.

Step four: Put a drop or two of essential oil on the lava bead or loop in the center.

Step five: Slide 1-3 beads under the flowers’ “petals” to keep everything in place.

Step six (Optional): Crumple the petals gently against the knotted pipe cleaner


You can add a few drops of Lavender, Lemon or Peppermint essential oil to the lava bead.