Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy

Review by: N

How it works

This app works very well on an iPad and a computer (Though sometimes it takes a while to load.) It is also a multiplayer, so you can run around the campus and chat with friends. Your character can even do some actions like wave, cheer, and even play guitar! The overall performance is pretty good, but sense it is a fairly new app, I can see many updates coming soon!

The benefits of this game are that it is very fun, and educational! It’s not one of those boring educational websites, this game is a virtual academy that you can run around and explore!


The Academy – The Academy is where all of the educational aspects come in! All a player has to do to do the educational activities, is go to a kiosk, or an object with a colorful ring around it. All the activities are fun, and easy to use, and are based on the character’s learning level. You can change the learning level at a kiosk or in parent settings from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Your player can not procced through the game without doing educational activities.

The Commons – The Commons is a large green field with lots of trees and pathways in it. There is even a fountain and a hedge maze! Scattered around the commons are picnic blankets, benches, and lots of harvestables! Harvestables are things that players can pick up, harvest, or fish. (Yes! You can fish if you have a fishing rod!)

The Marketplace – The Marketplace is a location in which players can buy and sell items for in-game coins! There is even a shop where you can craft items from harvestables, and a pond where you can fish!

The Neighborhood – The Neighborhood is where your player (at level 6) can get their own house! You can purchase furniture for your home from The Marketplace, or any of the shops. If you want to you can make your house open to everyone, private to you, or just for you and your friends. The Neighborhood also has lots of harvestables and places to fish.

The Pier – I cannot supply information on The Pier because my character has not unlocked The Pier yet. ☹


Pros: Works well on iPads, you can play with friends, you can do actions, you can customize your character, and nothing in the game costs real money! (Only in-game coins) Due to the chat configuration, all in-game chatting is limited to preset messages which makes a parent feel safer with multiple players.

Cons: The game sometimes glitches and you have to reload the game. Players can only use Quick Chat or have chat disabled. Quest objectives or sometimes Quests themselves don’t finish. For faster readers, you will not get rewards for finishing a book “too quickly” and videos will not give you rewards if you rewind a part or if you pause the video.


Adventure Academy is a subscription based product that is $9.99/month. 


Adventure Academy is a great game, and all of the bugs and glitches I can see being fixed in later updates. Just a few notes before I’m done:

You get each location at different levels:

Marketplace – Level 3

Neighborhood – Level 6

Pier – I think level 20

How to Fish

You fish by going to a pond with a fishing rod either in your inventory, or in your hand.

You tap on a group of fish anywhere in the pond, and there is a tutorial on how to use your fishing rod.


And that’s all, for now, although I will be updating this in the future!