We love books so we wrote one! Check out how kids teach kids about essential oils through fairies, dragons and more!

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a beneficial part of our lives as we explore. Here is a video to learn more and decide if you want some essential oils for yourself!

Why doTERRA?

When choosing essential oils for you and your family, you want to ensure you make the BEST choice! Let me tell you WHY doTERRA and WHY you should choose them, just like we did!

Starter Kits

These cool kits are a great way to try different oils!

Ready to buy?...

Purchase oils at Wholesale pricing and save 25% always! No monthly fees, or requirements. You will have access to all of our support, education and fun activities! Simply pick the kit you want from the previous tab (Starter Kit Options) then click here to get started! Join our Essential Explorers Team!! If you join with a kit, we will send you an Essential Explorers Welcome package!


You have the option to purchase at retail directly from our site. You just will have to pay the full price and will not get the same wholesale membership benefits. If this suits you, click below to purchase retail pricing.

Essential Explorers Welcome Package

If you join our team with a wholesale kit and watch our Intro Video, we will send you an Essential Explorers Welcome Package!

Ongoing information and fun activities are also shared on our Blog and Instagram (OilsByEssentialExplorers).


  1. Sign up for a kit using the "Buy Oils" options listed above
  2. Watch Intro Video
  3. Send an email with your doTERRA ID# and let me know "I watched it! Please send me the Essential Explorers Welcome Kit" with your address
  4. Wait for your Welcome Kit to arrive!