The PROS and CONS of getting the Sky: Children of the Light Adventure Pass

Sky is an interactive multiplayer game in which you are a Sky Child with wings. You can fly, collect candles and hearts, and chat with your friends! You can do friend expressions like, hugging, high fives, and even piggyback! There are seven realms to explore, each with their own spirits to collect. Spirits give you expressions like wave, laughing, and hide and seek! From each spirit you can buy new capes, masks, outfits, and even playable instruments! Don’t worry about getting bored in Sky either, because every few months, a new season starts! Every season, a band of six new sprits comes to the realms of Sky! These spirits have new cosmetics, expressions, and blessings to collect! Some seasons even add new areas to the realms!

What is an Adventure Pass?

An adventure pass is a completely optional in-game purchase in the game Sky: Children of the Light. This purchase gives you access to lots of extra rewards and candles for the duration of the current season. You can even buy gift adventure passes for your friends if they can’t get their own!

How to Buy the Adventure Pass

Tap the top corner on the right once until a little gear and shopping cart pop up.

Tap the shop.

Click the icon that says “Adventure Pass”.

You can either one pass for you (For $9.99), or a pass for you and two of your friends! (For $19.99)

The Pros and Cons of the Adventure Pass

Pros: The Adventure Pass is a very good deal! Getting the pack has a pass that is a bonus and completely free! The pass gives you 20 extra season candles. If you pre-order, the pass gives you 30 extra candles (which are SUPER helpful for the game). Buying the pass will unlock twice the daily quests (vs. no pass) and a daily season candle. All these extra candles can help you earn a lot of season candles. Purchasing the adventure pass will also give your character a pendant to wear with that season’s symbol on it. With your adventure pass, you also get a bonus reward for every in-game cosmetic, or blessing you purchase with your season candles.

Cons: The adventure pass is pretty expensive, as you can see. It is also challenging to find where to gift your extra passes, when you are new to the adventure pass. The ways to get season candles without the pass are also very limited, with only two daily quests, and the extra candle to find in the current daily realm. This limited supply of season candles makes it difficult to save for the season cosmetics and you have less cosmetics to get. The majority of the saving also goes to expensive blessings.

I feel that the pros outweigh the cons, and the feature to buy passes for your friends is awesome! All in all, it is a great deal to purchase the adventure pass, and I think thatgamecompany tries to make it that way on purpose!